Only Thirty Minutes a Day

AcuKnee was designed with you in mind. The system combines state-of-the-art electrotherapy with the latest developments in acute and chronic pain therapy for a single daily 30 minute treatment. Our products are shipped pre-programmed with electrodes connected and ready to use. Whether you’re an avid AcuKnee user or just beginning, use our tips and instructions below to learn how to get the most out of your AcuKnee experience.

Full Instructions

  1. The Acuknee is shipped pre-programmed with electrodes connected and ready to use. You should periodically check connections prior to use and refer to the instruction manual to resolve any issues with connections, programming or adjusting to a different knee. Remember to remove plastic electrode cover plates before treatment and replace them after treatment.
  2. Confirm that the unit is set to the “COM” program. The PRG button only scrolls forward, in one direction. Remove electrode covers and apply a pea sized drop of gel to each electrode and cover the electrode completely. Center the knee cap cutout hole over the knee cap and firmly wrap and secure the upper and lower Velcro closures.
  3. Slowly adjust left and right mA (+) by pressing the (+) positive buttons. This starts the high frequency program and you will begin to feel the stimulation. Increase this slightly above sensory perception. The stimulation should never be painful.
  4. The Pain Warrior® is equipped with a mA lockout and after one minute the stimulator will lock. To make any adjustment, you must press the negative (-) button before you increase positive (+) the mA.
  5. Slowly adjust the left and the right current by selecting (+) or (-) buttons (both sides) to increase or decrease the current to the knee. This is a high frequency program and you may notice your muscle gently contracting. This is normal and harmless. The current should be increased to slightly above perception and feel approximately equal on both the left and right side (numbers may be different.) The stimulation should never be painful.
  6. After fifteen minutes the program will automatically change to a low frequency and you should readjust the mA output to slightly above sensory perception.
  7. You may notice some muscle contraction of the thigh muscles. This is normal.
  8. After an additional fifteen minutes the Pain Warrior® will turn itself off. You can track treatment time in the upper right hand corner of the Pain Warrior® screen. The total treatment takes 30 minutes.
  9. When the program is complete, gently remove the wrap and replace the plastic electrode covers. Never ice the knee within 24 hours of using the AcuKnee™ system. Ice abolishes the positive effects.
  10. Generally, treat once a day. You may treat twice if your knee is sore from overuse or you are planning on an increased level of exercise.

AcuKnee Tips

  • Place a drop of gel on each electrode before use (they will last longer and provide better conductivity).
  • Replace plastic electrode cover plates after use.  Periodically, use an old toothbrush and warm water to remove accumulated gel.  Scrub gently.
  • Wrap snug – not tight.
  • You can only scroll forward through programs.
  • Press (+) button on each channel.  Stimulation should feel the same on inside and outside of knee.
  • After 1 minute on a setting the safety lock-out prevents changes. If you want to increase level, you will need to select the (-) button before increasing (+).
  • After 15 minutes the program will automatically change to a low frequency. You may need to increase (+) setting.
  • When done treating, take off gently (don’t pull hard on pads – they will last longer).
  • Treat only once per day.
  • Do not use ice after the treatment. It abolishes the treatment effect.
  • The AcuKnee™ is pre-set for the knee specified with your order. To treat the opposite knee reverse the polarity and refer to printed inside the wrap to confirm the correct polarity, the outside top electrode (outside thigh) should have a black connector

Quick Start

How to Change the Polarity on Your AcuKnee