Because No One Should Live in Pain

Martin Brown April 11th, 2014

The AcuKnee System is different from TENS for many reasons, the first being our AcuKnee Electrotherapy technology is completely reconfigured with a proprietary sequence and frequency. In addition, our device comes with the only OTC HAN frequency mode. There is a high cost associated with meeting FDA OTC requirements and manufacturing to non-standard specifications. Our device is the only one of its kind approved by the FDA for sale OTC without a prescription. TENS devices typically only provide brief pain relief. Our proprietary AcuKnee program provides pain relief that last 24 to 72 hours.

Our System has been shown to suppress IL-1 and provide durable pain relief. We guarantee a minimum 50% reduction in the KOOS score and a high percentage of our patients are completely pain free. In addition, our system is a full functioning NMES device for enhancement of muscle strength and decreased post-exercise soreness. No other device approaches our durable KOOS score improvement.

The FDA requires a prescription to purchase an actual TENS device. If you see an actual TENS device for sale OTC it is illegal in the US.  Most devices you see are muscle stimulation devices only, not TENS.

We’ve spent the past several years studying the acupuncture points and the most effective electrode placement for treating knee and back conditions. Our treatment protocol was completely developed by a certified anesthesiologist who understands the nerves and pain points in the body for the most effective treatment.

Our system comes with a patent pending innovative wrap that makes treating at precise points much easier. It is precision neuro-modulation. Our wrap comes with predefined electrode placement locations and doesn’t require any work to treat the precise locations. Our unit, using a highly conductive gel, gives uniform delivery across the entire electrode.  Our electrodes require infrequent replacing which reduces overall costs.

Compared to similar treatment devices, see Bionicare, Orthocore, AMP Ortho and the IVIVI device, our device is a fraction of the cost and these devices require a prescription. The AcuKnee is revolutionary Neuro-Modulation.

We offer patients an alternative treatment option that doesn’t require surgery and frequent visits to the doctor, both of which have exorbitant cost. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee, which is unheard of in the medical industry and our treatment works. You may be interested to know that our product return rate is less than 2%. We are rapidly developing ad-on devices that are plug_and_play with our electrotherapy units. Our guiding corporate principal is the simple fact that we believe “No One Should Live in Pain.”

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