No One Should Live In Pain

Muscular and joint pain affects millions of people across the United States and is one of the most debilitating conditions to quality of life.  Chronic pain sufferers experience sleepless nights, reduced physical activity and the tremendous mental burden of relentless, daily pain. Many end up relying on pain medication such as narcotics and then become reliant on these medications to relieve their continual pain.  AcuKnee offers a different approach by directly treating the cause of pain-the spasmed muscle. Do you suffer from any of the below conditions? You may be closer to a natural and simple solution than you thought.


You have an non repaired torn meniscus 
An non repaired ACL tear
A large hole in your cartilage


Cardiac Pacemaker
Seizure Disorder

Knee Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis of the knee is the loss of cartilage around the joints.  Studies have shown that osteoarthritis is treatable by suppressing cytokine IL-1, the small proteins responsible for regulating immune and inflammatory responses.  The AcuKnee was designed specifically to treat OA and bone on bone.  Our studies have shown that 80% of Acuknee users experience a minimum of 50% decrease in pain.

Treatment Protocol: Treat using the AcuKnee with COM program for 30 minutes per day. Excessive treatment will result in ineffective results.

Chondromalacia Patellae

The soft cartilage under the kneecap is there to protect the joint and absorb impact. However, the cartilage can become damaged or inflamed due to overuse, poor muscle function, or injury. The damage is a condition known as chondromalacia patellae. It manifests as a dull pain at the front of the knee, which may be noticeable when walking up and down stairs, kneeling, squatting, or sitting for a period of time.

Treatment Protocol: Treat with the COM program, which may take 60 days to become effective due to the location and severity of the disease. Contact AcuKnee if treatment hasn’t been effective in the first 30 days.

Total Knee Replacement Surgery

2Studies have shown that total knee replacement surgery is effective in roughly 50% of cases and that a large percentage of surgeries are unnecessary.  Trying to avoid getting your knees replaced?  Or simply trying to recover quicker after TKR?  The AcuKnee is a very effective alternative to TKR reducing pain and inflammation and potentially stopping the progression of Osteoarthritis before and after surgery. You can enjoy the benefits of physical therapy from the comfort of your own home.

Treatment Protocol: Treat using the AcuKnee with COM program for 30 minutes per day. Excessive treatment will result in ineffective results.

Post Surgery

The AcuKnee, AcuBack, AcuHand and AcuFoot have shown to reduce recovery time following surgery by up to 50%.  In addition, our technology and treatment philosophy have shown to reduce the chances of future arthritis, which is common in surgically repaired joints.

Treatment Protocol: Treat with the COM program until pain subsides and treat when needed following full recovery.  Contact AcuKnee for further treatment guidlines.  Avoid iceing if at all possible.

Hand Osteoarthritis/Joint Pain

Hand osteoarthritis and joint pain can be manifested by several symptoms. These include hand pain, finger pain, swelling, and stiffness; hand joints and finger joints that are warm and tender to the touch; deformities in finger joints; carpal tunnel symptoms such as numbness and tingling of the hands; or pain and stiffness that last for more than an hour upon arising. Over time, these issues can limit the motion and other functions of joints.

Treatment Protocol: Treat using the AcuHand with COM program for 30 minutes per day. Excessive treatment will result in ineffective results.

Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Knee overuse occurs with common use to the knee, generally associated with running, cycling, hiking or weight-lifting (especially squats). Iliotibial band syndrome is a common cause of knee pain, generally on the outside of the joint, that is caused by friction between the IT band and the upper leg bone when the knee is repeatedly bent and straightened. The pain may seem to improve with rest, but often returns once activity is resumed.

Treatment Protocol: Treat using the AcuKnee with COM program for 30 minutes per day. Excessive treatment will result in ineffective results.

Quad and Shoulder Rehab

Millions of people annually experience problems after ACL, Meniscus and MCL surgery. Getting the Quad muscles firing as quickly as possible after surgery is critical. Our Rapid Recovery and Smart Prehab pack is designed to do just that. In addition, our system can be used on tendon and joint pain in the shoulder.

Treatment Protocol: Treat using the PTI/Pain Warrior with COM program for 30 minutes per day. Following are recovery protocol can reduce recovery time significantly. Excessive treatment will result in ineffective results.

ACL/MCL Injury

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and medial collateral ligament (MCL) are tendons that connect the thigh bone to the shin bone in the knee, which can stretch or snap if too much stress in placed upon them. Many athletes have been affected by ACL/MCL injuries. In the past, a torn ACL or MCL would have ended the career of these athletes, but now there are many successful treatments, including AcuKnee.  Trying to avoid or recover from ACL/MCL surgery?  Give the AcuKnee a try.

Treatment Protocol: The AcuKnee is very effective in treating post ACL surgery. Our studies show quicker recovery following surgery and while following the Acuknee treatment guidelines using the COM and HAN programs.

Lower Back Pain & Osteoarthritis

Back osteoarthritis is a breakdown of the cartilage of the joints and discs in the neck and lower back. Generally, it affects more people as they get older, or may affect those who have jobs or play sports that put stress on specific joints. Working in a back straining profession, not getting regular exercise, smoking, or having poor posture are lifestyle factors that can put an individual at risk for lower back pain.

Treatment Protocol: Treat using the AcuBack with COM program for 30 minutes per day. Excessive treatment will result in ineffective results.

Meniscus Repair

The meniscus is a piece of the cartilage in the knee that stabilizes and cushions the joint, protecting your knee from wear. A tear in this cartilage is one of the most common knee injuries, especially in older athletes, as the cartilage becomes weaker with age. Meniscus tears are common in both contact and non-contact sports, and in some cases, the cartilage can break loose and cause the knee to lock up.

Treatment Protocol: The AcuKnee is an extremely effective treatment option for post meniscus repair, however the meniscus has to be cleaned out and repaired prior to treatment with the AcuKnee.