For Insurance coverage, please refer to your insurance providers guidelines.  AcuKnee is in no way responsible for providing authorization for insurance coverage, this is solely at the discretion of your insurance company and with the appropriate documentation from your medical provider.  AcuKnee does not directly bill on your behalf.  This is the responsibility of the patient.

As a Class II Medical Device, our systems are covered by Health Savings Accounts

NMES and electrotherapy may be covered by most insurance providers, provided the following criteria are met;

  • Documentation of chronic pain or muscle atrophy 3 months or longer
  • Must document improvement
  • Must have physician document medical necessity/Prescription
  • Appropriate authorization from your insurance provider

Use the following codes when billing

  • 64550 initial electrotherapy education and placement
  • E0720 Electrotherapy unit itself
  • E0731 Garment for placement — document complex electrode placement
  • E0770 Electrotherapy unit for muscle stimulation, complete system
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