How our Technology Works

Interleukin-1 has been identified as the chief cause of degenerative joint damage.  Suppressing IL-1 is critical in treating current and future osteoarthritis and destructive joint diseases.  The AcuKnee, AcuBack, and our other devices tap into your body’s healing center by sending electrical impulses to the muscle and joint, transferring them through the spinal cord, and ultimately reaching the brain.  Our precise electrode placement and Pain Warrior frequency sequencing accomplish the suppression of harmful interleukin-1, the proteins responsible for regulating immune and inflammatory responses in the brain. The proprietary sequencing has been extensively tested and proven to be an effective treatment option for a variety of knee, back and painful joint conditions. We offer a variety of add-on modules to treat the major culprits of joint pain.  Our system is used by Physicians and therapists for one simple fact: it works.


  1. Knee Osteoarthritis
  2. Patella Femoral Syndrome
  3. Knee Overuse
  4. Non-Surgical Athletic Injury
  5. Athlete Recovery Aide
  6. Back Osteoarthritis and Lower Back Pain
  7. Bone on Bone
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The Science

The +AcuKnee™ system utilizes the latest research and technology of electrotherapy for treating pain associated with a variety of knee ailments. The +AcuKnee™ treatment works by inhibiting your bodies natural healing mechanisms to…

Using AcuKnee

AcuKnee was designed with you in mind. Our products are shipped pre-programmed with electrodes connected and ready to use. Whether you’re an avid AcuKnee user or just beginning, use our tips and instructions to learn how to get the most out of…

The Benefits

The AcuKnee™ system is currently used by orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and sports medicine specialists around the world. The reason? Over 80% of AcuKnee users report a minimum of 50% reduction in overall pain. This success can be traced back to the device’s ability to simply minimize swelling in the knee — providing immediate short and long-term benefits for an improved quality of life.

Aside from the fact that the treatment works, one of AcuKnee’s greatest benefits is that the system is available without a prescription. AcuKnee is an FDA-cleared, class two medical device that has been approved for use without the need for a trip to the doctor’s office. After nearly two years on the market, the AcuKnee system has less than a one percent return rate. If you’re not satisfied with AcuKnee’s quality and effectiveness within the first 30 days of using it, feel free to return your product for a refund.