The AcuBack is a precision electrotherapy system designed to work most efficiently with our proprietary COM electrotherapy program. The AcuBack is simple to use and generally requires only a 30 minute daily treatment. AcuBack utilizes precise, reproducible electrode placememt and a sequenced frequency delivery. The AcuBack System provides durable relief from acute and chronic inflammation, pain and muscle spasm. AcuBack is not intended to treat the pain of a herniated lumber disc.


Please see instructions at for our latest treatment guidelines

Your AcuBack ships with electrodes and lead wires installed
The top electrodes are black(-) negative, lower electrodes(+) red

Setn”v” at midline of lower back at the level of iliac crest
(Iliac crest is the big bump on either side just above the hip)

Start with COM program– 30 minutes — once a day
Use this for several days and determine your response

If muscle spasm predominates, use COM prg, then
followed immedietly by PRG 9 — for a preset 15 minutes

Alternatively, PRG 9 ( 15 min ) alone, works best for muscle spasm

May treat twice a day for early pain relief but reduce to once a
day once substantial pain relief is achieved. In general, treating more then
once per day will ultimately diminish the efficacy of the system.

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