Modular Precision Electrotherapy?

Modular Precision Electrotherapy is a treatment solution that utilizes electrical stimulation and precisely placed electrodes along the knee, back, hands, feet and other joints to help relieve osteoarthritis and other sources of pain.  Precision treatment is necessary to reproduce consistent and successful results.  In conjunction with Pain Therapy Innovations (PTI), the leading provider of precision devices, electrotherapy eliminates pain and inflammation without the need for costly surgery or harmful medications by suppressing IL-I, the chief cause of joint damage in the knee.  Our PTI – Pain Warrior offers 13 TENS and NMES programs, as well, as our proprietary COM and a HAN mode program.  We offer a variety of Add-On accessories to treat a wide-range of arthritis, back pain, knee pain and hand and foot ailments.  Our Knee Treatment Rehabilitation System, for treating mild to moderate knee osteoarthritis, has over a 90% success rate and our IT-Band protocol has a success rate of roughly 80%.  Our Back, Hand and Foot protocols offer maximum pain relief for arthritis and joint pain at a fraction of the cost of surgery, medication and other treatment options.  Following our treatment guidelines and nutritional recommendations, we have every reason to believe we can help.

How it Works

Is Precision Electrotherapy Right For You?

  1. Osteoarthritis of The Knee
  2. Prevent Knee Replacement
  3. Iliotibial Band Syndrome
  4. Bone on Bone Osteoarthritis
  5. Post Meniscus Repair
  6. Knee Overuse Syndromes
  7. Chondromalacia Patellae
  8. Hand Osteoarthritis/Joint Pain
  9. Osteoarthritis of The Back
  10. Back Pain From Overuse
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What Do People Think of AcuKnee?

"I tried several different methods to help my IT band (acupuncture, cortisone shots, physical therapy, etc.). I was introduced to the acuknee and hesitantly decided to give it a try. Before using the acuknee I couldn't even run a mile without debilitating pain. Since, I logged 19 miles in the past five days. Again, I was extremely skeptical of trying the system. However, I couldn't be more pleased with the results of the machine. I would recommend it to any athlete that is dealing with any type of pain in the knee area. "

Z. Burton

"I am an orthopaedic surgeon. I prescribe Acuknee for my patients and have used it myself. Acuknee is an effective treatment for arthritis. It is NOT a cure. Most patients who have used the Acuknee report between 50-90% reduction in pain and swelling when used on a regular basis. In severe cases with significant deformity, mechanical impingement, or significant instability, the Acuknee is less successful. Acuknee cannot change the deformity, eliminate impingement or improve stability. Acuknee does reduce pain and symptoms associated with arthritis."

J. Rocco MD

"After my second meniscus surgery the doctor told me I had 50% of my meniscus left so I would have to reduce the amount of stress placed on that knee. This was a huge problem for me as I enjoy several competitive sports. I used to have to spend several days recovering in order for my knee to stop aching. It’s amazing to me that I can now do those endurance events, recover within two days, and be ready to train for the next one."

Rolynn Snow

"This device helped my knees immensely. I started playing soccer after 30 years and I believe I tore my meniscus in my left knee. Whenever I would play my knee would swell and couldn't play for a week or two. Last fall I used the acuknee daily for a month or two. It allowed me to play soccer weekly with no swelling throughout the winter. I continue to play once or twice a week and may use the device once per month. I would highly recommend this device."

David Wells