What is Precision Electrotherapy?

Precision Electrotherapy is a treatment solution that utilizes electrical stimulation and precisely placed electrodes along the knee, back, hands and other joints to help relieve osteoarthritis and other sources of pain.  Precision treatment is necessary to reproduce consistent and successful results.  In conjunction with Pain Therapy Innovations (PTI), the leading provider of precision devices, electrotherapy eliminates pain and inflammation without the need for costly surgery or harmful medications.

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Is Precision Electrotherapy Right For You?

  1. Osteoarthritis of The Knee
  2. Prevention of Knee Replacement
  3. Iliotibial Band Syndrome
  4. Bone on Bone Osteoarthritis
  5. Post Meniscus Repair
  6. Chondromalacia Patellae
  7. Hand Osteoarthritis/Joint Pain
  8. Osteoarthritis of The Back
  9. Back Pain From Overuse
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What Do People Think of AcuKnee?

"After my second meniscus surgery the doctor told me I had 50% of my meniscus left so I would have to reduce the amount of stress placed on that knee. This was a huge problem for me as I enjoy several competitive sports. I used to have to spend several days recovering in order for my knee to stop aching. It’s amazing to me that I can now do those endurance events, recover within two days, and be ready to train for the next one."

Rolynn Snow

"I tried several different methods to help my IT band (acupuncture, cortisone shots, physical therapy, etc.). I was introduced to the acuknee and hesitantly decided to give it a try. Before using the acuknee I couldn't even run a mile without debilitating pain. Since, I logged 19 miles in the past five days. Again, I was extremely skeptical of trying the system. However, I couldn't be more pleased with the results of the machine. I would recommend it to any athlete that is dealing with any type of pain in the knee area. "

Z. Burton

I don't normally write reviews of products I purchase, but this system is so effective that I felt it important to offer my observations for others who might be experiencing similar chronic pain. I'm a 100% disabled veteran with chronic knee, back, and shoulder pain. I've used VA-supplied and civilian-doctor-prescribed TENS units for nearly 2 decades with varying degrees of success. With my first use of the AcuKnee wrap I received pain relief which was superior to any product I have used in the last 2 decades. BUY THIS SYSTEM. It works!


"I have had ongoing OA issues for sometime now and I finally reached a point where I would try anything. My left knee has already had a meniscus tear, subsequent surgery and then a 2nd surgery this past Feb/2014. After which I have been in unbearable pain and that is when I found the AcuKnee online. The website was very clear that this device was very impactful for those with mild to moderate discomfort and even though I'm in serious pain, w/complicated OA issues, I purchased the device anyway. After 30 days of use, I did feel a great deal of relief for several hours after each use--I could walk up/down stairs with out the pain. I RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT AND DR. BROWN WITHOUT RESERVATION!"

Dr. Brown Truly Cares