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AcuKnee uses the latest research and technology related to treating knee and back pain and inflammation using electrotherapy


Read our research and supporting Scientific Bibliography on the latest treatments for knee pain and osteoarthritis of the. knee.

Conditions We Treat

Osteoarthritis of the knee and back

Arthritis of the knee

Athlete Recovery

Patella-Femoral Syndrome

Alternative to knee replacement 

Knee overuse

Dancers and athletic overuse

Athletic knee injuries

Ilio-Tibial Band

​Triathletes and Iron Man Competitors

Imagine a world without pain.  Our vision is simple, help patients and athletes relieve their pain and get back on their feet living normal and active lives.  The AcuKnee System with Pain Warrior is a new and innovative device that is a highly effective, state of the art electrotherapy treatment system.  Our device has an extremely durable wrap and an innovative Velcro backed electrode.  Our Knee and back treatment systems utilizes an innovative and proprietary technology related to electrotherapy and NMES.  The AcuKnee utilizes a highly modified sequence and frequency output device which has shown to significantly reduce pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis of the knee and back and knee pain related to a variety of knee conditions.  

The AcuKnee was developed by a Pain Management Specialist and board certified Anesthesiologist and has been extensively tested on knee and back osteoarthritis patients, athletes and patients suffering from chronic knee pain syndromes.  Our system is widely used by Orthopedic Surgeons, Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers and Sports Medicine Specialists.  Athletes and osteoarthritis patients can’t live without our treatment system.  The AcuKnee is extremely simple to use and the only system of its kind approved for sale OTC by the FDA.

The AcuKnee System is a highly effective and meaningful alternative treatment system for knee and back pain.  The AcuKnee was designed specifically for patients suffering from osteoarthritis, arthritis of the knee, Knee overuse and patella femoral syndrome. Our system is a great alternative to knee replacement Surgery for those trying to delay operative procedures.  Our system has shown to reduce the recovery time for postoperative patients, as well as, a pre-habilitative device to help improve knee function and maintain knee strength prior to surgery.
Our Athlete Pack is a very useful stimulation device designed to help athletes build knee, quadriceps and shoulder strength and aid in quicker recovery times after workouts.  Used by Triathletes, Iron Man competitors and athletes trying to gain an edge over the competition.


Take the Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis  KOOS Test and email results to contact@acuknee.com to see if our Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment will work for you.

Effective and easy to use

The AcuKnee System for The Athlete & Arthritic

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Sports Medicine and Recovery

Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment

FDA Cleared and available OTC

No Prescription Necessary

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Excellent for Sports Therapists

and Orthopedic Physicians

The Pain Warrior

with rapid recovery electrodes

help athletes recover faster from knee overuse and helps improve Strength.

Our AcuKnee System helps knee

arthritis and osteoarthritis patients

reduce pain and inflammation

Pain Warrior With Rapid Recovery

Electrodes for The Athlete

How it Works

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Suppress Interleukin-1 (IL-1)

​Stimulates the Peri-Aquaductal grey area of the brain

Acts on pain receptors to reduce and possibly eliminate knee pain.

Helps to build strength and enhances muscle function

Athlete Rapid Revovery System and Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment

Precision Electrotherapy for the Athlete and the Arthritic

Reduces Pain and Inflammation

Helps Build Knee Strength

Helps Increase Muscle Mass

AcuKnee Knee Pain Treatment System

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FDA Cleared

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

90% of Acuknee Knee Osteoarthritis Patients show at least a 50% improvement in pain as measured by the KOOS test

Designed to Treat Pain associated with Knee and Back Conditions

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Convenient Home Therapy Treatment

A word about the AcuKnee vs. traditional TENS.
The AcuKnee System is different from TENS for many reasons.  The first being, our Pain Warrior technology is completely reconfigured with a proprietary sequence and frequency, there is a cost associated with having something manufactured to non-standard specifications.  Our device is the only of its kind approved by the FDA for sale OTC without a prescription. The FDA requires a prescription to purchase an actual TENS device. If you see an actual TENS device for sale OTC it is illegal in the US.  Most devices you see are stimulation devices not TENS.  We’ve spent the past several years studying the trigger points and the most effective electrode placement for treating knee and back conditions.  Our treatment protocol was completely developed by a certified anesthesiologist who understands the nerves and pain points in the body for the most effective treatment. Our system comes with a patent pending innovative wrap that makes treating much easier.  Our wrap comes with predefined electrode placement locations and doesn’t require much work to treat the proper locations. Compared to similar treatment devices we are actually much cheaper and don't require a prescription.  We are trying to offer patients an alternative treatment option that doesn’t require surgery and visits to the doctor, both of which have exorbitant cost.  We offer a 30 day money back guarantee, which is unheard of in the medical industry and our treatment works. Martin Brown, M.D.

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