Our Knee and Back Treatment

and How it Works


"Because No One Should Live in Pain"

AcuKnee uses the latest research and technology to treat knee pain with neuromodulation  electrotherapy


Read our research and supporting Scientific Bibliography on the latest treatments for knee pain and osteoarthritis of the. knee.

Conditions We Treat

  • Osteoarthritis of the Knee/Back
  • Knee and Back Overuse
  • Patella-Femoral Syndrome 
  • Athletic Knee injuries
  • Ilio-Tibial Band
  • Pre and Post Torn ACL Surgery
  • Pain following Meniscus Surgery
Precision Electrotherapy for The Athlete and The Arthritic!  

Our vision is simple, help patients and athletes relieve their pain and get back on their feet living normal and active lives.  80% of Acuknee patients experience at least 50% reduction in pain and most see pain reduction greater than 70%. and

The AcuKnee and AcuBack Systems with the proprietary PTI electrotherapy device is a fundamentally different approach to treating pain associated with overuse and osteoarthritis conditions.  Our systems use extremely durable wraps with precisely placed Velcro backed electrodes.  Our knee and back treatment systems utilize proprietary electrode placement and frequency sequencing which is the only FDA device of its kind cleared and available OTC.  The AcuKnee and AcuBack systems have shown to significantly reduce or eliminate pain and inflammation associated with knee and back osteoarthritis, bone on bone, loss of cartilage conditions, residual pain following meniscus and ACL surgeries, as well as, a variety of other painful knee and back conditions.  Guaranteed to reduce or eliminate your knee pain or your MONEY BACK .

The AcuKnee and AcuBack technologies were developed by a pain management specialist and Board Certified Anesthesiologist and have been extensively tested on knee and back osteoarthritis patients, athletes and patients suffering from chronic knee and back pain syndromes.  Our system is widely used by Orthopedic Surgeons, Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers and Sports Medicine Specialists.  Athletes and osteoarthritis rave about the success they have using our treatment system.  The AcuKnee and AcuBack systems are extremely simple to use and the only system of its kind. 

Take the Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis  KOOS Test and email results to contact@acuknee.com to see if our Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment will work for you.

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Used by Orthopedic

Surgeons, Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers

The AcuKnee can prevent overuse knee injuries

Eliminates KNEE PAIN for mild osteoarthritis of the knee

Suppress Interleukin-1 (IL-1)

​Stimulates the Periaqueductal grey area of the brain

Acts on pain receptors to reduce and possibly eliminate knee pain.

Helps to build strength and enhances muscle function

Precision Electrotherapy

for the Athlete and the Arthritic

Enhanced efficacy

with Platlet Rich

Plasma (PRP) Injections

AcuKnee Knee Pain Treatment System
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88% of our Knee Osteoarthritis Patients show AT LEAST a 50% improvement and many are completely pain free  as measured by the KOOS test

Eliminates or Dramatically Reduces Knee Pain Without The Need For Medication

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Free US Shipping on all Systems

Convenient OTC Home Treatment

FDA Cleared No Prescription Required

Take the Knee Osteoarthritis Outcome Score KOOS here

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Suppress Interleukin-1 (IL-1)
  • Effective Osteoarthritis of the knee/back treatment
  • Dedicated Knee/back wraps with precise electrode Placement
  • Painless non surgical treatment without harmful medications
  • Durably acts on pain receptors to reduce and eliminate knee and back pain.
  • Helps build strength and enhances muscle function
  • Alternative to Knee Replacement

Ideal knee treatment

involves the

AcuKnee system and PRP

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Orthopedic Hospital

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"I am an orthopedic surgeon. I prescribe AcuKnee for my patients and use it myself. Most patients who have used the Acuknee report a 50% -90% reduction in pain and swelling when used on regular basis."

J. Rocco MD

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AcuKnee System